Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sample Chapter | Volume 8 of Elemental Angels eBook

Chapter 5
The remainder of the day went pretty smooth, surprising to Krono, president of the student body who monitored the activity of the students.  The school administration asked that he watch the students and see if he could find anything that would help reduce the breakout of fights and petty theft.  The school board worried about their students, especially Nova and Cupid.  Those two always picked a fight with everyone, but today Nova seemed calmer than normal.  They only saw her like this when she had some sort of sickness, but usually that meant she would skip school altogether.  At lunch, Krono started his rounds across the cafeteria checking up on the students.  Krono crossed passed the “Satanists” table, while heading for his “snotty” friends.  He waved to Styx and she smiled back at him.  One of Styx’s friends noticed her waving to him.  “Seriously, I don’t see the relation between you and your brother.”  She said as her lip ring bounced against her teeth.  “Are you sure you’re twins?”
“Well, he did come out after me, made something happened in those couple of seconds.”  Styx and the others laughed.
The guidance counselor pulled Krono to the side.  “Have you noticed that the Vulcan siblings aren’t fighting today, Mr. President?”
“Well, yes, if you ask me it’s a step forward.”  Krono said.
“But, Mr. President...”
“Please, don’t call me that.  Go back to your office and rest; I’m sure everything is fine.”  Krono said.
“Well, alright…”  The counselor said taking out a handkerchief to wipe off his brow.  He seemed so nervous despite everything going well.  “But it won’t last all day, if you ask me.” 
“That’s why no one asked you.”  Said Cupid followed by a different girl latched to his arm.  The counselor became frightened at the sight of him and hurried from the cafeteria.  Cupid and the girl laughed.  “Guess I’m too tough… scaring little old men away…”  He laughed and flexed his bicep.  “You guys need to loosen up Krono.”  He slapped him on the shoulder.
Krono laughed. “Alright, but I don’t think they know the meaning of the word.  They take my office so seriously.”  Cupid took his girl by the arm as another girl approached him as well.  Krono feared the girls would fight over him, but the girl walked away without incident.  His girl joined him at the table as he sat down next to Nova.  Cupid asked Nova to hand him the salt.  Nova, busy staring at Apollo sitting on the opposite side of the lunchroom, handed him the pepper instead.  “Salt… salt I said!  Gees, doesn’t anybody listen?”
The girl beside him sprung up.  “I’ll get it honey!”  She said.  The salt was on the other side of the table.  Standing from the table, she stepped back into another girl.  “Oh, I’m sorry.”
“Yeah I know, and you’re going to be even sorrier when I’m done with you!”  The girl who sat with Cupid on the bus fumed.  “How dare you try to take my boyfriend?”
“Your boyfriend, he’s all mine and he’ll tell you!”  They turned and looked at Cupid who just shrugged.  “See, you’ve gone and confused him!”
The girls bickered back and forth Cupid just sat laughing.  Another guy strutted over and grabbed the girl by the arm.  “Hey, I thought I said you’re my girl!  What are you doing fighting over this little boy?”
“Little Boy?”  Cupid stood up, but Nova pushed him back down.  She stood up and stared the boy in the face; the same troublemaker from the bus that morning.
“I remember you!”  She said to him.  “This one’s mine, Cupid.  Once I’m finished with him, you can take his girlfriend and the other girl if you want both.  For now, you can take his flunkies.  I have a score to settle with this one.”  She cracked her knuckles and waved for the kid to come on.  The kid thrashed his arm forward, Nova moving aside to dodge him.  Then he threw an uppercut and she did a back flip onto the table.
Just then the troublemaker’s friends ran up to the table.  Cupid tossed down his jacket. “Let’s rumble!”  He took on three of the kid’s friends at once, blocking and dodging all of them.  He grabbed a cup of soda, knocked one to the ground, threw the drink in one of their faces, and chucked the empty glass at the third.  With one stomp on the floor, the whole cafeteria shook and they dropped to their knees.
Krono watched in amazement at their fighting skills.  Styx came up behind him and shook him from his trance.  “Hey! Mr. President!  Aren’t you going to break them up like you usually do?”  She asked.
“Are you kidding?  Nova has mad skills.  Want to bet on her?”  Krono nudged her.
“Yeah right, who would take that?  You know she’s going to win.”  She laughed.
The troublemaker was a chunky kid and his arms grew tired.  Nova was too quick on her feet for him; she floated and buzzed around like a hummingbird.  He suddenly stopped swinging.  Out of breath and working up a sweat, he fell over catching himself on his knees.  “That’s it… I’m going to prove that you two aren’t as tough as you seem!  The reason you win is because you ain’t never been hit before!  You’re too darn fast!  I dare you to stand still!”  He shouted.  Everyone stopped fighting, including the two girls. 
Nova looked over, and saw Apollo’s eyes on her.  In fact, the whole cafeteria watched them. Nova bounced down off the table and stood in his face. “Do it!”
 “You’re going to regret it!” The boy laughed and ran his fist into her stomach.  It took a while to set in, but everyone heard a crack when his fist hit.  They all waited and watched.  His face contorted in pain from the fracture in his fist.  “Ow!”  He grabbed his hand and fell over.  Nova stood perfectly calm looking down at him wallowing in agony.
All the kids were stunned, most ran out of the room in terror.  “How can she do that?  Is she some sort of freak?”  They crowd of whispers said as they ran passed her.
The comments tore at her soul and she threw her fist through the table breaking it into pieces.  “If you have something to say, say it to my face!”  She shouted.  The room fell silent again; she looked to Apollo but he no longer sat there.  Looking down to her feet, she felt her cheeks turning red with embarrassment.  Then the school’s security came up behind her and Cupid, and handcuffed them.
“You’re coming with us you two!”  Principal Corona said.
“Okay…” Cupid shrugged.  “But we ain’t wearing these.”  He lifted his arms up and broke the chains; Nova did the same.  They walked after the principal and out of the cafeteria.  As they exited the cafeteria, medics surrounded the bully who still lied on the floor in agony.  Shiva did not have an ounce of pity in her face for him.  Before leaving she locked eyes with Dai; his worried expression tugged at her heart.