Saturday, October 19, 2013

Angelic Heroes Trilogy Press Release

An Effort to Merge Religion and Fantasy
What if life were just a dream?  What if dying really meant waking up?  What if we were the fallen angels and our earth bound bodies detain our souls like a spiritual prison?  Our spirit sleeps in prison for as long as fifty years or as short as five years.  When we die, we wake up to reality – to our real life in the Realm of Angels.  But the life we had before, the life we once had in this realm, and the reason for our fall has long since been forgotten.  The Angelic Heroes series includes three novels that venture into this theory on the nature of reality and the meaning of life. 

After years of studying the bible with a church academy, the story sprang forth as a testament to the history of one of the world’s most popular religions.  Although, Christianity inspired these novels, the setting is a foreign world, called Gaia, a faraway planet filled with kings, alchemists, and diviners.  On Gaia, The One known as the Great Genitor commissioned prophets as vessels to hinder the evil one or to relay the truth to the world.  The chosen prophets are in the minority just as the Christ was born to a minority group.  This gives the books an interesting and unique quality because most of the time, the chosen people or the coming of Immanuel is portrayed as a member of the majority race.  Also, the prophets chosen are female which even further defies the male dominance and coerces the main character to overcome even more barriers.

Angelic Heroes Trilogy
Chronologically, the first story, Book of Omni, starts hundreds of years in the past during the Arcadian Revolution occurring during the time of the One’s first coming.  The second story, Child of Light, features a young girl chosen to be the beacon to fulfill an ancient prophecy and to thwart the evil brewing during Arcadia’s Great Depression.  The third story, Mount of Truth, finishes the trilogy during the end times when the dimension of the living will forever be united to the eternal Kingdom of Angels.

Having Faith and Fulfilling a Mission
In the Book of Omni, Arcadia is a prosperous melting pot of cultures and merchants from all over Gaia.  During this time, a Northern Tribe conquered Arcadia and many live in poverty including Omni and her father, a blacksmith.  From rags to riches to seafarer, this tale journeys through the life of Omni, a girl with extraordinary powers.   And she acquires these powers in the most extraordinary way.  Unlike the women of her time, Omni is a free-thinking, open-minded and pants-wearing girl who desires to explore the sea when she grows older.  Most Gaians, just as any human, only die once at the end of life.  However, Omni isn’t like most Gaians.  Each time she passes through the cycle from death to life she acquires ability over the object of her demise.  By overcoming death a countless number of times, she becomes a vessel for the One and a mighty warrior against the forces of evil.  This is a story of endurance, faith and sacrifice.  Omni must endure many painful deaths, have faith to follow the One and sacrifice her wants for the needs of the lost.

Merging Pseudo Science and Religion
Next, explore the city of Arcadia during its Great Depression.  Despite a convoluted history of war, religion, and corruption, an ancient prophecy points to this city as the One’s birthplace for the second coming.  When the child of light appears, she will be the beacon to reveal the second coming and a vessel to thwart the evil brewing in this autocratic society.  From childhood to adult years, follow the life story of several Arcadians some of which are genetically modified humans (GMHs).  Only God has the power of creation, but during this time alchemists have discovered a way to transmute the human being into superior beings similar to Omni who can manipulate elements.  No one knows exactly how they acquire their power, but once the dormant power is unleashed the GMH is unstoppable.  Those who believe the prophecy believe the child of light will be one of the few GMHs. However, with the House of Lords interfering with the lives of Arcadians their challenge is to find the child before they do.

End Time Prophecy and Conveying the Truth
Mount of Truth portrays the human spirit and will to carry on to find the truth and meaning of a person's life.  The fall of Arcadia’s underworld brings the rise of a futuristic new era filled with GMHs and their ability to manipulate different elements (electricity, water, etc.).  Out of millions of children on Gaia, the Holy One chose one girl as the child of truth.  Her challenge is to dispel the lies hindering the lost spirits from returning to the Mount of Truth and blinding the eyes of nonbelievers from knowing their true creator.  There is the evil one and the holy one.  They both claim to be the creator, but who is telling the truth?  The Arcadian crown would stop at nothing to hide the truth from the people in order to maintain its world dominance.  Will she be able to stand up to her country and let the truth be told?  In order to fulfill her mission, the child of truth must take an epic journey around the world, through time and dimensions in order to discover the truth and find the mystical city hidden in the mountains said to be the dwelling place of the One on earth.