Friday, January 3, 2014

Imaginary Places

The Island of the Heathen

In the Angelic Heroes Trilogy, characters venture to many far off lands and places.  One imaginary place that the main character heads to in the Book of Omni is based on the island of Ussula.  Ussula, or the Island of the Heathen was an imaginary place created by German author Karl Friedrich May in his novels Ardistan and Der Mir von Djinnistan

There's a cottage on the island built for the high priestess's daughter built by a stranger.  When the stranger returned after a long voyage he created a monument out of marble.  The monument had several different quotations from different religious texts.  The monument is shaded by lotus blossoms and located near a lake.  It's thought to be the tomb of the stranger's wife, but her body is not there.

Some of the poetry reads: "No soul ever came to earth unless it was first a spirit in heaven."; "No spirit ever rose to heaven unless it was first a soul on earth"; "Therefore he cannot return to heaven that is the devil."