Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Angels: Of Love and Death Book I

Currently I am in the process of publishing Angels: Of Love and Death, the first novel in the series. I had an adventure with trying to mail the proposal off to my first literary agent including almost sending it to the wrong address and running around campus to find a place to print. My absent mind and carefree attitude never helps when trying to do a serious task correctly. I will maintain updates about its progress.

Angels Book Series

The novel, Angels: Of Love and Death, is the first in a series that mixes philosophy, history, culture, science and religion on a fictitious earth called Gaia. In all, Angels is a series of four books starting with Angels: Of Love and Death Book I, followed by Angels: Of Love and Death Book II, then Angels: Of Time and Creation and finally Angels: of Chaos and Mind. Each novel explores a different topic in specific: the first two assesses human rights, the third assesses freedom, and the fourth explores the nature of reality. The stories are actually out of order chronically, but the author has ordered them in a way that guides each novel’s topic in a smooth sequence. The tales all capture the short lives of three exceptional women of color divided by generations, but who all share the same homeland – the kingdom of Arcadia. In the first two novels, to be a strong woman meant to show compassion for the people in the city; in the third novel, to be a strong woman will mean to act like a boy; and in the fourth, to be a strong woman will mean to be a person, period, void of labels and stereotypes.