Friday, January 10, 2014

Imaginary Places

Beast's Castle in Fantasyland

 Beast's Castle

Located in the wood's of France, lies the Beast's Castle which has captured the imagination for decades in the French fairy tale, La Belle et La Bete, or more commonly known as the Beauty and the Beast.  Inside the castle, it looks aged and worn down with dust and cobwebs.  There are lifelike statues of men and their hunting dogs.  There are arms that hang out of the wall holding candles to light the darkened halls.  If anyone should try to pick a white rose from his garden they would have to pay with their life, unless a beautiful young maiden takes the place of the trespasser.  There's a great deal of treasure in the castle, but it's protected by the statue of an archer who will shoot any invader.

A chateau of a similar nature is featured in the first book of the Angel Heroes Trilogy called Book of Omni.