Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Review Saturdays


Halo Trilogy by Alexandra Adornetto

This trilogy is definitely been on my to read list.  If nothing else the covers are exquisite and perfectly capture the mood and storyline of the books.  I could stare at them all day they're so eye catching!  I wanted to know more about the trilogy and what others thought about it so I looked up some reviews for book 1.  One good review and one bad review is listed before.  If you're interested in the Halo Trilogy or learning more about them they have been out in stores for a while.   

5 out of 5 stars - Halo Review
5 Stars: I enjoyed this book immensely. I absolutely love a romance with forbidden love. I also LOVE angels and demons. My favorite character has to be Jake Thorn because he is mysterious and dangerous. I have NO bad comments about this book. None. Zilch. The characters were flawlessly written, they were all unique in their own special ways. Bethany is an angel that falls in love with a human ( she is more human than her siblings). Xavier is Bethany's human boyfriend. Gabriel is Bethany's brother who is also an Archangel. Ivy is Bethany's sister who is also an angel. And last but certainly not least is Jake, he is a demon that hates Bethany for turning him down. As you see all the characters are different from the others. This leads to some great play between them all.  The story, from start to finish was awesome. Totally, completely awesomesauce. This is an absolute MUST READ!

1 out of 5 stars  - Preachy, Plotless, Purple Prose  
Review By J.J. Macken. This book is where purple prose comes to die. Seriously EVERYTHING is described and described in then compared to something else in an irritating similie. 'Xavier's eyes are torquoise and almond shaped, like twin pools of clear blue ocean'. That kind of discription is good and enriching to the story when used sparingly. But in Halo everything is described to this extent and it gets to be completely over the top. There is almost an entire page describing Xavier's parent's house, do we NEED to know the exact flooring and shade of wall paint in Xavier's parents house? I think not.
At LEAST 100 pages could have been cut from this 500 page tome just from the overly flowry descriptions. I think more words are expended on describing the exact floppy-nutmeg-lustrous nature of Xavier's hair than there are or actual diaglogue betweent the main characters. Where was the editor? This book is so overwritten the plot takes a complete back seat.