Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Power of the Crowd: Help Diversify the World of Literature

It only takes one to make a difference

Individually, most people are powerless to make a significant change; but when those individuals join forces, they can change the world.  Crowd-funding empowers the public and allows people to get involved with the books they want to see on the shelf.  Fund a book and help sponsor one of D. C. Cowan’s future novels. You'll be helping the world of literature diversify protagonists with more male and female characters of color. 

D. C. Cowan uses Pubslush as their platform for crowd-funding.  The authors ask that you support this series because you will receive a great reward in return, but also they ask for your support because the world of fantasy fiction is seriously lacking in minority heroes.  You'll not only be helping the authors and editors who work for, but also helping the world of literature see a little more color in its characters.


Every penny can help

Three ways to support:

1.)   Crowd-funding: Remember, this is not a hand-out.  You make a pledge and receive a reward in return for your support.

2.)   Make a financial pledge:  You can pledge a little (i.e. $1.00) or a lot (i.e. $25.00) to their cause.!fund-a-book/c1tob

3.)   Purchase books currently available from the author: Proceeds go towards Black Rose Series.!shop/c1fn5

Black Rose Pledge
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