Sunday, January 19, 2014

Imaginary Places

Snow Queen's Castle
Snow Castle
 In the Book of Omni, the captain and her crew visit the people of the Nordic Country.  They are all fair skinned blonde haired people who live far away from the rest of the world in the Northern Region covered in a blanket of snow.  When she visits the Nordic King, he commissions her for a certain adventure that takes her to the Moon Queen's castle.  The Moon Queen's castle is an enchanted place with many similarities with the Snow Queen from the fairy tales.

The Snow Queen's castle lies in Finland and the snow does not fall there.  There's giant polar bear who lives there; he was actually the lover of the Snow Queen who had been put under a spell.  Inside the castle, there's the "Bear's Ball" or a dance hall filled where polar bears dance on their hind legs and a herd of fox ladies are, I guess, doing the fox trot.  There are windows with "cutting winds", and hundreds of hallways illuminated by the Northern Lights.