Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sci-fi Book with rave reviews back in stores

The Luck of Madonna 13 is back in stores after the publisher ceased production in 2002. The digital journal calls it "a much-praised science fiction/fantasy novel".  A new revised edition will hit stores from Clownbox Press.  Heartland Reviews called the novel "science fiction at its best" and received the Book of the Year award among 92 other best books in 2002.

The Luck of Madonna 13 is Available on Amazon:
The Luck of Madonna 13 (The Last Nevergate Chronicles, 1)



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Young adult fiction, not necessarily for teenagers.

Just because it says young adult fiction doesn't necessarily mean that only young people in middle and high school are going to enjoy it.  So when a book is labeled young adult fiction, it really should say "young at heart". Read the whole article. Click here.

Song of Ice and Fire Series will end with author

The Song of Ice and Fire is a series by author George R.R. Martin.  It's intended to have 7 volumes, but the author said it could keep going on afterward. The only problem is doesn't want anyone picking up the series if he should pass away. Read More.