Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sample Chapter | Volume 11 of the Elemental Angels eBooks

Chapter 1
The nights of Dionne lit up with the neon lights from its clubs and casinos.  Corruption lined the street like icing on a cake.  The police, the military, and the royal family were just sprinkles on the top.  Aikido rode through the city of sin, in the back of Aysa’s limo.  The Mihos limos were sent out to personally escort Aikido and others to the meeting for the civil organization called the Last Forces for Freedom.  They had to fight because no one else would.  Since the time of Aikido’s grandfather, the clans that fought for the rights of the commoners had long been extinct.  She longed for the times of old, where she could be happy with her daughter.  The driver parked in front of an old abandoned building.  He opened the door for her, and she slid from her seat.  She used her cane to pull her heavy aging body from the cab.  The driver promptly bowed, and returned to the driver’s seat of the car.  She stopped in front of the door of the boarded up and decaying abandoned building.  “What’s the password?”  Said a muffled voice from behind the door.
“There was no password.”  Aikido stomped her cane down.
“D––.  That’s what Aysa said too.”  Pluto said.  He looked around, and waved for her to come on.  The decaying boarded door spun around, like a revolving door to let her in.  The dilapidated exterior of the house vastly differed from the sleek modernized interior.  Officials raced around inside; they talked on phones, and rushed papers from office to office, running up and down floors.  “This is the central base that we all use.” Pluto said to Aikido.
“Good idea to place it in the abandoned house.”
“Yeah, Aysa’s idea…”  Pluto said. 
“I would think no less of her ideas.  They are always brilliant.”  Aikido followed Pluto into an elevator.  He pressed the button, and they shot up to the next floor.  The doors slid open on people wandering around with maps and documents.  “Did you discover anything?”  Aikido asked Pluto.
“Yes, that’s why we need those outfits you brought.”  He replied.  “You can get off here; I have to greet Dawn and Knight at the door.  Just go to the end of the hall, and you should hear Aysa through the door.  You can’t miss her.”  He pointed pass her, as the doors closed shut.
She meandered to the end of the hall, looking around at the people and the paintings.  The sound of Aysa complaining to a client over the phone could be heard along the whole hallway.  Aikido searched for a handle, or a lever to open the door with.  Aysa saw her struggle and stood up from the table.  She pressed a button to allow Aikido entrance into the room all this without skipping a beat while complaining to the party on the opposite end of the phone.  The doors slid open, and Aikido walked through looking around at the others in the room.  “Thanks.”  Aikido said and Aysa nodded still with the phone on her ear.  “I guess I’m not use to all this new technology.”  She said to herself.
“Fine... I’ll take care of it... don’t worry about where I am right now!”  She clicked off the phone and tossed it to the floor.  “That man, I swear.  He’d be complaining about his stocks even if the world came to an end.”
“Bad trading…?”  Aikido asked motioning to the chair around an oval table.
“My crazy ex-husband thinks it’s a good idea to invest in companies that have just opened, regardless of whether they do well or not!  Some do well, and there’s a big payoff.  A lot of our assets are still tied in together so we have to make sure there are enough funds in our shared accounts to purchase stock.  But it always seems to be my responsibility to sell stock that doesn’t do well.  Not only is he getting on my nerves, but he’s using my money to do all this.  I could care less what he does with his own money!”  Aysa ready to pull her hair out, slumped down at the table.  She wiped her face, and leaned on her finger.  “I bet he’s caused ever wrinkle on my face and white in my hair.” She frowned at her reflection in the table.  “He drives me crazy.”
“At least you have someone to drive you anywhere...”  Aikido said to herself.
“Sorry about that... I just have outburst when it comes to him.  Syria was the only reason we got along, you know.”
“Kind of like China and I… we got a long better when Lynx came along...”
“Yes... I hope you enjoyed the ride over here, I only thought it best.  I didn’t trust giving anyone the address; they could lose it or give it away to the enemy if threatened.  At least I’m sure that none of you go anywhere else before or after you leave here.  It helps to exclude that suspicion.”
“It’s afterward that you have to worry about.”
“You are stranded here, in an abandoned building.  My butler has that covered as well.”  They heard voices drifting down the hall towards the room.  They watched through the glass walls as Pluto traveled down the hall between Dawn and Knight. 
“I just can’t believe I didn’t tell you a password...”  Pluto said standing outside the door trying to figure out how to get in.  Dawn walked up and pressed a button springing the doors open.  “Oh… thanks…”
“There was a password?”  Dawn asked him.  Everyone shook their head, and Dawn turned to Knight and shrugged.
“Why did you think you forgot it?” Aikido instigated.
“Sort of...”  Knight said.
“Afraid you’d get it mixed up with another password?”   Aikido hinted at the password used between the royal guards.
“No, of course not…”  Pluto stepped in.  “We are all together on this...”
“Don’t be so confident.”  Aikido glared at Pluto then to Dawn.  “Under this tyrant we call a queen, if we straddle the fence it will only lead to the fall of the whole Dionne Galaxy.  I don’t care what your relation to her is.  We need a full allegiance between all of us here.  Agreed?”
“I concur.”  Pluto said looking at Aysa.
“Agreed…”  Aysa slammed her phone down looking at Knight.
“I... agree...”  Knight eyed Dawn and they all waited.
“... Yes...”  He managed to say.  “We’ve all agreed, now can we start?”
“Not everyone, just yet.”  They heard a soft voice from behind the door.   

Who came through the door?  A surprise and blast from the past.  Find out who in Volume 11 of the Elemental Angels Series.