Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sample Chapter | Volume 7 of Elemental Angels After the funeral, Phoenix and Io retreated to their apartment flat.  Phoenix had known the deceased well when she was his coach for the fight club back at Omicron High.  Io never knew him well so was not deeply affected by the melancholy wedding-funeral that had taken place.  She did, however, enjoy the sudden change of weather.  Io parted the doors to the balcony, wearing nothing but her under garments and a thin housecoat.  Use to a dangerous life, she felt a thrill by balancing on the edge of the banister.  She embraced the sky with open arms, catching the snowflakes in her mouth.  She breathed in the cold air, refreshing her lungs.  With a tingle and a shiver, she marveled at the comfort of her body temperature.  “What are you doing out here?”  Phoenix asked her as she walked onto the balcony with a heavy jacket on.
“I don’t know.  I just felt compelled to come out in this white stuff.”  Io laughed.
“Alright, but aren’t you cold?”  Phoenix hopped around rubbing the life back into her shoulders.
“No, not at all.”  She grinned back at her.
“I don’t see how you’re not…”  Phoenix paused when she saw Io’s face.  “Aw!  There’s something on your forehead!”  She exclaimed.
“What’s wrong?  A zit!”  Io rubbed her hand over her head feeling a slight lump.
“No, it’s... well... looks like... just look for yourself.”  Phoenix emerged back into the warmth of the house.  Io flipped off the banister onto the balcony, rushed inside, and collided with the vanity.
“I don’t see anything.”  Io said as she wiped her hand over her temples.
“Move your hand.”  Phoenix pulled her hand down from her face.
“Oh!”  She gasped, touching her finger along the shapely mark.  The mark of a crescent moon appeared over her pearl white skin.  “Great, now I look like an even bigger weirdo.”  She rubbed a rash along her skin.
“Don’t mess with it.”  Phoenix pulled her fingers away.  She ran her hand over the mark, and thought silently to herself.  “Maybe she is...”
“Maybe she is what?”  Io intruded on her thoughts.
“Oh nothing… I’m certain it’s nothing.”  She lied.  Phoenix was not all that surprised by the mark.  Io had no features in common with any of the other amazons or any of the other people in the Dionne System either.  Noticing a picture on the counter of the old Alpha members, Phoenix lifted it up to look over it.  Io stuck out like a ghost among mortals.  She glanced back to Io, who remained engrossed with the scar freshly revealed on her forehead.  “I guess I’ll have to tell her someday…”  Phoenix whispered.  She set the picture back down, and went to close the balcony door.  She drew back the drapes, peering out among the dancing crystals.