Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sample Chapter | Volume 3 of Elemental Angels
Two masked men remain in their car watching over the Northern Trust Bank. The automatic doors clanked open with the arrival and departure of the customers.  They ducked as people came by their car, so they would not be spotted.  They lowered the visor to block the bright sunshine bearing down on the car.  The one in the passenger seat felt a rush of chills up and down his spine.  He wiped under his mask to clear the beads of sweat sopping into the wool mask.  “Is this really smart?”  He asked his partner in crime.
“Getting cold feet, huh?”  The other laughed, tucking mounds of his dark hair into the back of his jacket.
“No... It’s just that, it’s the middle of the day.”
“And that’s exactly why we’re going to do it now.”  He spoke articulately so his partner would understand.  “Now come on.  When that lady gets in her car over there, we’ll head in.  You know the plan right?”  He watched the lady sit down in her car, slamming her door.  He glanced back to his friend shoving a gun in his hands.  “Right?”
“Yeah, right...”  He stared at the gun.  The lady pulled from the parking lot into the rush of traffic.  He nodded to his friend, and they opened their doors simultaneously.  They slipped in next to the door, hanging their weapons low as they scouted around, one facing back while the other went for the door.  He could see a pair of police motorcycles coming up the road, and then ducked into the spinning door.
Inside the bank, he shouted, “Get down!”  He waved the gun for all their eyes to see.  The people inside began screaming, not use to such a low level crime.  “I said get down!”  He repeated.
“Please?”  The other criminal asked politely while shooting a bullet through the ceiling.  The customers cowered shivering on the floor, embracing their valuable heads.
“Stay quiet, and nobody move.  We don’t take kindly to heroes either.”  He glared through the mask at all them.  They trembled behind the counters, as he approached them.  “Hey!  When was the last time the vault was opened?”
“... This... this... morning...”  The bank teller shriveled up as he stammered.
“Alright, do you know the combination?”
“I’m sorry...”
“Sorry, you don’t know it.”  He pointed the gun in his face.
“No, I know it!  It’s just that the money inside was already taken.”
“Do you think I’m stupid?  Huh?”
“I know the armored truck was here... came right after the other incidents.  Try anything else and it will be the end.  Do you hear me?”  The bank teller nodded, with tears in his eyes.  “Rich fools, think you can get over on me.  Open it now!”  He commanded pulling him over the counter.  The teller tripped to the floor, his chin brushed against the plush carpet before scurrying over to the vault.  The robber nodded back to his partner, to follow him.  The teller was in such a hurry that he nearly collided with the vault.  His sweaty palms slipped and the fear inside of him clogged his knowledge of the combination.  “Just watch him.  I’ll look out for the cops.”  The robber said to his partner.
His partner raced up beside the teller steadying his gun in his hands.  Breathing over his shoulder did not help the man open the vault any sooner.  The teller’s wandering eyes continued to fall on the gun aimed loosely at his side.  “Just take your time, we’re in no hurry.”  The other robber reassured, calming the teller down.  The safe door, two tons thick, parted with the suction of the air rushing from within.  The light within came on by itself.
“Hello,” came a voice from inside.  The man stepped back seeing a bubble gum pink girl glaring from inside the vault.  Aiko’s clashing red uniform was embroidered with a symbol of the Pi Police department.
“How did you...?”  The robber asked her, and even the teller marveled at how she could have gotten inside of a sealed vault.
“You’re under arrest!”  Aiko presented him with a pair of handcuffs.
“Close it back!”  The robber at the front door commanded his partner.  The robber by the vault shoved against the door, but Aiko’s small muscles rivaled the strength of his own.
“Oh no you don’t!”  They both turned around to find another girl leaping down from the ceiling.  Knight held a golden trimmed bow and rose-trimmed arrow on the robber by the bank vault.  She shot an arrow through his gun, nicking the palm of his hands.  He had no choice but to raise his hands and surrender.  “Are you alright Aiko?”  Knight asked her.
“Yeah Knight, but...” Aiko tried to warn her.
“Hold on there, cop.”  The other robber held his gun to Knight’s head.
“I forgot about the other one, didn’t I?  At this rate, I’ll never get deputized.”  Knight held her hands into the air.
“You always forget about the other ones!”  Io, the girl with the pearl white skin shouted surprising them all.  A block of ice formed around her fist and she struck it across the back of the criminal’s head.  He toppled to the ground by her feet.  Knight spun around to handcuff him, but bumped into the chest of the burly amazon, Phoenix, who held a gun over her shoulder with a smile.
“Phoenix!”  Aiko raced over to them holding the other robber by the arm.  “Io!”
“Yes?”  The bounty hunters said at the same time.
“What are you two doing here?”  Knight asked.
“Why should you care, Knight?”  Phoenix snickered, waving her gun in the air.
“We saved your butt.”  Io enclosed a block of ice around the robber’s hands and lifted him to his feet.
“You two always get in the way!  Damn bounty hunters.”  Knight said.
“You’re just jealous because we do a better job than you.”  Io laughed maniacally.  The robber she held, cracked his head against hers, knocking her off her feet.  He shoved Knight down and the two fled.
“You were saying?”  Aiko mocked.  The two robbers bolted straight for the door. Knight shot her arrow, piercing one of them through the jacket.  Io placed her hands to the ground, a sheet of ice rippled under the other’s feet tripping him up.  Phoenix rubbed her hands together then blew through them, sending a gust of fire to engulf his mask.  He stumbled over the ice, tossing the mask from his face.
“If you singed my hair, I will be so pissed!”  He gritted his teeth, revealing his face to them.  They all gaped; his handsomely portioned face caught them all off guard.
“Wow, he’s not bad looking.”  Io gawked.
“Whatever.”  Knight crossed the room to the other one pinned to the wall with her arrow.  “That’s why you two can’t catch anything; you let your emotions get in the way.  Now it’s time for the unmasking of the other.  I’m sure he’s...”  Her hand fell to her side holding the mask.  She found herself engrossed in his angelic beaming face.  He tried a gentle smile, but she glanced away to the other.  His hazel eyes followed her every move embracing her heart ruthlessly.  She tried not to look at him.  
Backup from the Pi Police force finally arrived.  “Are you alright Aiko?”  The captain busted through the doors.  “Knight… what is she doing here?”
“Helping me out, Captain Ocelot.”  Aiko saluted him as he entered.
“At ease, but I just can’t understand why you can’t find a partner on the force.  Like Civet?”
“Civet’s too silly, doesn’t get the job done.”
“That’s no excuse.  Knight’s a Gamma vigilante and she doesn’t even have the right to apprehend anyone pass a citizen’s arrest.”
“Well, maybe if someone would deputize me...”  Knight suggested.
“Hum... I’ll think about.”  Ocelot pulled the arrow from the wall, nodding for the others to arrest the robber.  Looking at the arrow, he knew Knight must have caught the robber.  “No wonder how this one was caught.  But, who caught this assailant?”  He pointed to the one on the floor, shivering from the glaze of ice.
“That’d be us.”  Io waved jumping in front of him.
“Not you two.”  He slapped his forehead, surveying the damage done to the inside of the bank.  “I should have guessed.  The freezer burn, the smoke damage... I only wonder why the fire department wasn’t called.”
“Hey, but you should remember who caught that long haired dude. There’s bounty on him.”
“No, you forget.  Not just the one, but for the two.  That’s means you only apprehended one, and will get nothing and like it.”  The captain’s say was final.  They glared back at Aiko and Knight who giggled at them.
“Come on old man, we need that money.”  Phoenix argued.
“Sorry, but why don’t you go running back to your leader Carmen for other bounties on the loose.”  Ocelot scowled.
“We can’t.  She left the group because of assassination threats from the Hellions.” Io hoped for sympathy.
“Too bad, they might have gotten her.  Now I’ll have to.”  He stated coldly.  “I guess she turned tail and went back to work for the Hellions.  She deserves whatever she gets for surrendering to them.”
“How can you be so cruel?”  Io had to hold Phoenix back from grappling his neck.
“I suggest you don’t do anything more than you would regret.  You should leave now before I arrest you for interfering with police business.”
“Fine, you’ll get yours someday.”  Phoenix stormed passed him, Io followed behind her like a lost puppy.  The door melted in the fire of her fury.  Civet, another member of the Pi Police waited for the path to clear before hopping over what was left of the door.
“Hey guys, what’s wrong with her?”  Civet asked.
“Oh nothing, as if she didn’t cause enough damage while she was in here.”  Knight said.
“What do you have there?”  Aiko pointed to the clipboard in Civet’s hands.
“Oh, just the names of the two bank robbers.  We don’t have them on file for any serious crimes like this.  At first we thought they were responsible for the other crimes committed over the last two weeks.  But since this one took place in the middle of the day, we think they might not be related.  The other two seemed to be smarter; at least they went at night.”
“Hum, I wouldn’t jump to a conclusion just yet.”  Aiko said.
“I guess.”  Civet said.
“What were their names?”  Knight wandered.
“Oh, the one with the long hair’s name was Helios.  Now that was a cute boy, if I’ve ever seen one.”  Civet nudged Aiko, who rolled her eyes.
“And the other?”  Knight begged.
“I’m getting to it… hold on to your panties.  His name was Dawn...”
“Dawn what?”  Knight asked.
“That’s all he would give.  Just Dawn… You have an interest in him?”  Civet teased biting onto the pencil.
“No... I guess not.”  Knight’s eyes followed after Dawn, not sure of the feelings coming to her.  He watched her as well still smiling at her, while being shoved along with his friend into the backseat of the police car.