Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sample Chapter | Volume 5 of Elemental Angels

Dark in the dungeon of a secret lair, hid away from the public eye, sat a distant and evil man.  The room shed no light except through a small moonlit window near the ceiling.  Dr. Mihos sat on his throne over his creations, thinking silently to himself.  He could feel his own thoughts being invaded by a voice in the distance.  It became louder until it reached a vibration in his ear.  He held his hands to his ears, trying to block out the confusion of the vocal in his mind.  He shook his head, breathing rapidly; fear encased him.  He crumpled forward in his chair, gripping his confused mind jumbled with emotions and thoughts.  A voice spoke to him within his mind.  He calmed his breathing then leaned back in his chair.  “At your command master...”  He said, shaking the chills from his body.  He tapped a button on his armrest, then sat back to wait on his cronies to enter.  He waited, steadily drumming his fingers on the armrest.  Three figures marched in, bowing before him.  He leaned back comfortably in his chair, looking over them.  “I suppose we should check who is here.”  He looked over them, barely seeing their faces in the dark room.  They stood as statues awaiting his command.  “Aiko... or should I say Tabby...”
“Here.”  Said the small figure.
“China...”  He leaned on his hand nonchalantly.
“I’m here.”  He said standing taller.
“Present.”  She called, her voice echoing through the drafty room.
“Excellent.  You three will be the key to my success.  So far I have been able to rid Dionne of most clan leaders, and some unfortunate souls who got in my way.  The great Jupiter of Lambda, which I would love to get rid of again.”  He smiled at Venus.  “Rho’s Alloy, Sigma’s Halo, Gamma’s Noon, and Delta’s Orcus.  Poor little Master Sumo, though I did not have the pleasure in killing him, he died indirectly.  That fight with Lupus did him in.  I knew those demons would come in good for something.  As for Alpha, the leader Carmen just knew better.  It was wise of her to step down, and with her went most of the Alpha bounty hunters.  Yet, there are still three that remain in my way.  You know who they are.  This is your assignment.  Though one of you has already flown the coop, I still have the ace up my sleeve.  That little girl was too much like her parents anyway; isn’t that right China?  So I have you all here, to stop what is to come.  I want you to search out and destroy the remaining clan leaders.”  He slammed his fist down then stood up.  He paced around the floor, looking over his tubed creations.  “However, I want you to be discrete as possible.  No one should know what is going on.  Intercept all attempts to stop me.  Do you understand?”
The agents stood still without a word staring at their leader.  Venus looked to the others and nodded.  She turned back to him, with a grin.  “We understand perfectly.”
“Yeah, you just have to give us our space.” China folded his arms.
“Especially don’t rush us.”  Aiko twirled her hair in her fingers.  “I hate it when people are in a hurry.  I just want to have fun with it.”
“I think we all do.”  Venus smiled.
“Fine,” Dr. Mihos agreed.  “Do as you must, just succeed in your mission.”
“Oh, we will.”  China laughed.
“Won’t they be surprised?”  Aiko joined the laughter.
Venus glared at them; they went back into submission before their leader.  She bowed back to Dr. Mihos, and they followed.  “We will not fail you.”  She sternly said still bowing.
“I hope you will not.”  He sat back in his chair, and waved his hand along for them to leave.  “Be gone, and make no contact with me.  You should not return to me until the task is complete.”
“Yes, sir.”  They said simultaneously, backing for the door.  Venus held the door open for the other two then looked back to the man.  He smiled, and she returned a smile herself then exited the room.  She slammed the door behind them, and walked into the dark of night.  They followed close behind her, waiting for her to speak.  “Alright.”  She turned around suddenly.  “We have to be as real about this as possible.  Pleasing the boss is everything right now.”
“Yeah, yeah... where’s the party?”  China rubbed his hands together.
Venus slapped him over the head.  “There is none until we stop them.  Get with it, or I’ll make sure you never get to one of those parties.  Got it?”  He nodded calming himself.
“Ah come on...”  Aiko protested.
“You be quiet.  There is a reason he made me the leader.  I don’t want us to get too involved with their lives.  My husband, your girlfriend, and... well Tabby, just do what you gotta do.”
“Why do I have to be the loser with no boyfriend?”  Aiko whined.
“Because that’s just the way life works sometimes.”  China patted her on the back.
“Anyway.” Venus cut in rolling her eyes. “Make sure not to seem too out of place.  Don’t make it look like we’re up to something.  Just act natural and I think we’ll have them eating out of the palm of our hands.  If you should need anything, just call me.  Ready?”  She placed her hand in the middle of the circle.  They placed their hands in after her, and smiled at each other.  “Let’s do it then!”  The three of them, marched into the night.

Have Venus and her friends turned to the side of the evil Dr. Mihos?  Find out in Volume 5.