Thursday, October 24, 2013

Promo Video

Presenting the Angelic Heroes Trilogy by author D. C. Cowan!  The stories take place in the fictional world, Gaia across three different time periods.  The tales are about "the One" who will come to save the world according to prophecy in the holy books. 

Book of Omni, starts hundreds of years in the past during the Arcadian Revolution occurring during the time of the One’s first coming.  The second story, Child of Light, features a young girl chosen to be the beacon to fulfill an ancient prophecy that points to the One's second coming and to thwart the evil brewing during Arcadia’s Great Depression.  The third story, Mount of Truth, finishes the trilogy with an epic journey around the world, through time and dimensions in order to discover the truth and find the mystical city hidden in the mountains said to be the dwelling place of the One on earth.

 Enjoy the video!