Saturday, October 19, 2013

Angels: Of Love and Death is now called Child of Light

 The novel by D. C. Cowan is called Child of Light and is a composite of several old unpublished manuscripts by the same author.  This was over 700 pages in length and spoke nothing of the second coming.  The story, back then, was just a tale about many different citizens of the fictional world called Dionne and the horrors they face trying to identify who they are and trying to stop the government from interfering with their lives.  

I'm planning to publish the unpublished work in its own series of books called My AmorettoMany scenes overlap with the scenes from the book Child of Light, so notice that some of the dialogue and characters are similar yet different.  The original story was named Guardian Angels and featured dozens of characters who all had guardian angel who supplied them with their powers.  So, for example, if a character has the power over wind then his guardian angel also holds that same power.   

The very first story, even before Guardian Angels, was written from the author at age 13 and is now lost.  The Guardian Angel story, which was completed around 2006, has been revised and rewritten about five times.  The author revised the Guardian Angel work to be published under the name Angels: Of Love and Death in 2010.  There are so many characters that have tragic loves and untimely deaths that the title just seemed to fit.   

The author is satisfied with the published work Child of Light, but was not pleased with the idea of cutting out hundreds of pages of the original story in order to smooth it out into the novel.  So many chapters were left out and even major characters were left out of the novel Child of Light in order to size down.  To publish the book as Child of Light many of the characters names from Angels: Of Love and Death were changed including the main character.  Originally she had the name Venus Vulcan, but was changed to Deva Kiran which means divine ray of light.  The name changes were based on character profile changes.  The author desired for the names to match the characters personality or background.  As a thirteen or fourteen year old, the author chose many names at random thinking “how cool would this name be?” or the character profile had changed so many times that the meaning of the name no longer fit.   

Looking back, the author would have preferred to extend the stories into several different books about the contemporary citizens of Arcadia instead of trying to cram it all into one novel.  Regardless, the author would like to share the deleted chapters and characters with minimal changes to the original text, eventually.

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