Saturday, October 19, 2013

Angelic Heroes: Mount of Truth

What if life were just a dream?  What if dying really meant waking up?  Our spirit sleeps in prison for as long as fifty years or as short as five years.  When we die, we wake up to reality – to our real life in the Realm of Angels.  What if you knew, but no one else around you believed you?  If knowing the truth meant the difference between eternal life and eternal death, could you stand up and let the truth be told?  The eyes of nonbelievers wear a veil of ignorance blinding them from knowing their true creator.  On Gaia, there is the angel queen and the sun king.  They both claim to be the holy One, but who is telling the truth?  The Arcadian crown would stop at nothing to hide the truth from the people in order to maintain world dominance.  

The fall of Arcadia’s Great Depression triggered the rise of the Golden Era filled with GMHs considered superior beings who control different elements such as light, temperature, and sound.  Out of millions of GMHs on Gaia, the Holy One chose one girl as the child of truth with a power unlike any other.  In order to fulfill her mission, the child of truth must take an epic journey around the world, through time and dimensions in order to discover the truth and find the mystical city hidden in the mountains said to be the dwelling place of the One on earth.  If she masters her rare ability then she will dispel the lies hindering the lost spirits from returning to the Realm of Angels.

Mount of Truth is the final book in the Angelic Heroes series.  Chronologically, the first story, Book of Omni, starts hundreds of years in the past during the Arcadian Revolution occurring during the time of the One’s first coming.  The second story, Child of Light, features a young girl chosen to be the beacon to fulfill an ancient prophecy and to thwart the evil brewing during Arcadia’s Great Depression.